Christmas Songs that Never Get Old! A Comprehensive List.

Steve Levandoski
1 min readDec 14, 2022

We all know those Christmas songs. The Mariah Carey one that shall not be mentioned. The one about the donkey. The other one with that ignorant keyboard part that makes us question a Beatles’ knighthood.

After spending countless sleeps sipping Adderall infused eggnog, I’ve compiled a list of every single Christmas song that we could all agree upon and vouch for. These picks will not only sound fresh this Christmas, but next Christmas, and every one after that.

  1. The Kinks Father Christmas

Of course, The Kink’s are number one. What’s not to like? The catchy chorus? The classic Les Paul/Tele combo? The lyrics about the rich kids getting all the toys while the poor kids get Monopoly money, not the real Mcoy?

And that concludes my of all the Christmas songs that never get old. Happy Holidays everyone! See you next year!