Migratory Birds are Under Threat in New Jersey! Watch the TASC Migratory Bird Slideshow!

Steve Levandoski
1 min readJan 29, 2023
Sandpiper Mother with Baby

I helped produce this video for TASC. If you like birds, and want to keep them around, check it out!

From their website:

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Together, we can make a difference! To sign the petition and for more information to prevent the degradation of a special property and the environment, go to: https://www.change.org/TASCTogether To receive important updates, announcements, and future Robbinsville Zoning Board meeting information, go to TASC1@googlegroups.com and provide your name and email address. For more information, join us on Facebook at TASC The Alliance for Sustainable Communities Mercer-Monmouth. Please consider making a contribution. Make checks out to: Crosswicks Doctors Creek Watershed Association/TASC, P.O. Box 662, Allentown, NJ 08501. TASC has hired attorneys and other experts that specialize in land use and environmental law, wildlife, habitat, and stormwater issues. All donations are tax deductable.