Music Snob Quiz!

Steve Levandoski
3 min readMar 16, 2023


  1. Who wrote the Elvis Costello Hit “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding?”

A. Nick Lowe

B. Nick Cave

C. Nick Drake

D. Nick Cannon


  1. What guitarist’s signature Musicman guitar was designed to accommodate women’s breasts?

A. Crook Kid Coathanger (The Coathangers)

B. Annie Clark (Saint Vincent)

C. Hester Chambers (Wet Leg)

D. Courtney Barnett


  1. What is the name of L Ron Hubbard’s Acid Jazz group?

A. Dianetics Dancers

B. The Music-tologists

C. Tommy and the Cruisers

D. The Apollo Stars


  1. Who was the muse behind Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel?”

A. Joan Biaz

B. Pattie Boyd

C. Leonard Cohen

D. Janis Joplin


  1. Early on in their career, members of the Sex Pistols famously stole all their gear from what established Rocker?

A. David Bowie.

B. The Who

C. The Clash

D. Hermin’s Hermits.


  1. What band featured a one-armed drummer twenty years before Def Lepard?

A. The Shaggs

B. The Barbarians

C. The Amazon Poodles

D. The Mummies


  1. Which bass player tried out for Metallica and didn’t make it?

A. Lemmy

B. Jason Newstead

C. Tommy Stintson

D. Les Claypool


  1. Which James Brown Drummer invented the legendary Purdie Shuffle, which mixes two time signatures on top of each other?

A. Bernard “The Funky Drummer” Purdie

B. Bernard “Sticks” Purdie

C. Bernard “Pretty” Purdie

D. Bernard “Stretch” Purdie


  1. What Hip Hop DJ now owns an ostrich farm?

A. DJ Freeze

B. Magic Mike

C. DJ Vinyl Richie

D. Terminator X


  1. Which brothers still get along and tour together?

A. The Mael brothers (Sparks)

B. The Gallagher Brothers (Oasis)

C. The Davies brothers (The Kinks)

D. The Brothers Brothers (In Living Color)


  1. Who sang the hook on the Sleaford Mods song “Mork and Mindy?”

A. Billy Noalohas

B. Billy Nomates

C. Billy Nofear

D. Billy Nosleep


  1. Which record producer composed the Windows 95 startup theme song on a Mac?

A. Brian Eno

B. Quincy Jones

C. Flood

D. Rick Rubin


  1. Who played drums on the Rush song “Working Man?”

A. Neil Peart

B. Hal Blaine

C. Steve Gadd

D. John Rutsey


  1. What rocker was never threatened at gunpoint by Phil Spector?

A .John Lennon

B. Ronnie Spector

C. Leonard Cohen

D. Dee Dee Ramone

E. Deborah Harry

F Karen Carpenter


  1. Which is not a Ministry album title?

A. Gratuitous Sax and Senseless Violins

B. The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste

C. The Dark Side of the Spoon

D. From Beer to Eternity


  1. What musician invented the harmonica holder?

A. Bob Dylan

B. Johnny Cash

C. Les Paul

D. Tom Scholtz


17. What Athens GA Band shared a rehearsal space in an abandoned slaughter house with the B-52’s?

A. Die Monster Die

B. Love Tractor

C. Pylon



18. Who is the uncredited singer of the Pee-wee Playhouse theme song?

A. Madonna

B. Annie Potts

C. Dale Bozzio

D. Cyndi Lauper


19. Speaking of Pee Wee’s Playhouse, who worked as a production assistant on the show?

A. Twiggy Ramarez

B. Rob Zombie

C. Elliot Smith

D. Trent Rezner


20. Which “5th Beatle’’ played keys during the rooftop sessions?

A. Paul Shaffer

B. Donald Fagan

C. Billy Preston

D. George Martin



90–100% -You are invited to the vegan, gluten-free BBQ.

70- 89%- You can keep your horn-rimmed glasses.

60–69% -Do you even thrift, bro?

59% and below- May we interest you in some Richard Marx or Michael Bolton compact disks?